Who, Me? Yes, You

Who, Me? Yes, You

Bible stories like you have NEVER heard them before.

What if the Bible characters of old could sit in your living room today and tell you their stories of a cup of coffee? What new insight would you learn? How would your understanding of the Bible be different? Sit down with master storyteller Roy Good and hear the old stories but the same old truths.

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About the Book

You have heard these stories over and over again. But – since we know the stories so well, it may be hard for us to really put ourselves in the shoes of the story teller. For instance, what thoughts raced through Joseph’s mind when he was hustled out of prison early one morning? Certainly not that he was about to become Pharoah’s right-hand man.While these characters tell their stories as they may have happened in their time (with some hopefully sanctified imagination added) they are able to jump across the centuries to tell them to us in our time and setting. So they may quote a song that is found in one of our hymn books. Or we will hear Jonah tell his listeners to “Fasten your seatbelts, we’re going for a ride.”

These are real stories of real people (and a few animals) who faced real dilemmas and real temptations. Sometimes they make wrong choices. But God is able to show His strength in our weakness. To turn our sorrow into joy. He can accomplish His purposes in spite of our failures.

May God use these stories for our encouragement. Hebrews 12:1.2.

Genre: Biblical Fiction
Publisher: Westbow
Publication Year: 2019
Format: paperback, hardback, ebook
Length: 175
ISBN: 9781973676430
List Price: $17.95
eBook Price: $2.98
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About the Author
Roy Good

Roy was born a farm boy and had more interest in things mechanical then things philosophical.
But then the Lord called him into the ministry which began to put a different perspective on my life and abilities. He began to see characters in the Bible as people - like himself, with the same temptations, weaknesses, frustrations and failures that he had. Some were overcome and defeated by their circumstances, and others were over comers who lived meaningful and productive lives in spite of their obstacles. So Roy began to try to put himself in their sandals, and to wonder how he would react if he were faced with the same dilemmas.

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