The Talisman of Wrath

The Talisman of Wrath

At the world’s founding, four chaotic forces were unleashed that threatened to tear all creation apart. Though they were separated, they are now coming together again.

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About the Book

A god will wage war on a king in S. P. Muir’s epic fantasy debut, The Talisman of Wrath.

At the world’s founding, four chaotic forces were unleashed that threatened to tear all creation apart. So the creator imprisoned these forces within four Stones, three of which were placed beyond the reach of mankind lest their power be abused. The fourth was gifted to the Arliens – an uncorruptible race, few in number, but pure of heart – as proof of their right to rule over the indigenous people of Keshtar.

Under Arlien rule, Keshtar flourished until centuries later, the last Arlien King lost the Stone – the Star of Destiny. In abject shame, he handed his crown to the most upright of the Keshtarim, then led every one of the remaining Arliens into secret exile. Eventually, their very existence passed into legend, and then into myth.

But when a malevolent god discovers the Star, he seizes the throne, and sets out to conquer the world. With the Star of Destiny enhancing his own god-like powers, he finds and masters the Spitestone the worst of all the founding Stones. His victory is surely unstoppable.

However, there is one thing that stands in his way: one of the other three hidden Stones, the Talisman of Wrath. Set into a fabulous sword, this diamond-like crystal has an immense, furious power that can only be unleashed by the rightful Arlien king. But where is the Talisman, and who is the rightful king? Is it the wise and gentle Eldore, or is it his identical twin brother, the volatile and impetuous warrior, Eh’lorne? And even then, is the Talisman of Wrath in the hand of the true king still enough to defeat an immortal and omnipotent god?

Series: The Saga of the Twins of Arl, Book 1
Genre: Christian Fantasy
Publication Year: 2014
Length: 504
ISBN: 9781499583823
List Price: $18.99
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About the Author
S. P. Muir

After leaving education, S. P. Muir had a varied career including the fields of retail, motorcycling, management, and interior design. Now retired, he lives and writes at the edge of England's beautiful Lake District National Park where the peace and quiet and the wonderful scenery help the creative ink to really flow.
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