The Scientific Evidences of God

The Scientific Evidences of God

SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCES OF GOD provides presentation slides and links to source materials that are designed for you to use in your discussions with other on the evidence of creation.

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About the Book

SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCES OF GOD provides presentation slides and links to source materials that are designed for you to use in your discussions with family, friends, and church study groups. As you read this book, you will journey with James as he shares his research, discoveries and understanding of the scientific connection to the creation account in Genesis. James’ journey to answer his own questions about the 6 creation days include dinosaurs, the age of the earth, the age of the universe, the creation of man, and our ability to see distant starlight and much more.

There are links to other source material within the book, providing additional pages of information and Videos from the internet. The book is designed more as an ebook than paperback, making additional information available with just a touch or a mouse click.

Chapter 1 – My Slide Presentation Slide titles within this section include: 1. Scientific Evidences of God 2. Evolution Model 3. Biblical Creation Account 4. Science Makes more discoveries that align with creation 5. God Created the heaven and the Earth 6. Space has properties 7. Big Bang: Cosmic Microwave background 8. God stretches out the heavens 9. Age of the Earth 10. The Genesis Flood 11. Evolution 12. Outdated science from limited knowledge 13. Consider the mouse trap – 5 basic parts 14. The Equation for Life 15. Discovery of DNA 16. DNA is evidence of a supremely intelligent designer 17. Complexity of the Cell 18. Each cell functions as a miniature city 19. Designs don’t happen by accident 20. Seeking out scientific discovery 21. God holds all things together 22. And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground 23. Jesus is the resurrection and the life 24. Final Victory Chapter 2 – Scientific Discovery and Bible Authority – Scientific Discovery and Bible Authority – Some Thoughts – One Way speed of Light – Heavens like a curtain – Quantum steps in red-shift – Quantized Red Shift – Distant Starlight – Zero Point Energy – Other scientific discoveries that were first in the Bible Chapter 3 – Miracles of the Bible – Old Testament Miracles – Miracles of Jesus Chapter 4 – The Bible – Some Bible Facts Chapter 5 – References Chapter 6 – About the Author

Genres: Bible Study, Christian Apologetics
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781530090051
List Price: $11.95
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About the Author
James Beck

James Beck is an engineering technologist by education and is largely a self taught non-degreed engineer. James has spent his carrier involved in telecommunications, electronics, micro computer design, mechanical design, and software development. He has worked on wind power testing systems, numerous industrial solutions with notable ones including manufacturing automation and robotics. James is currently involved in technology development for solar power plants to operate 24 hours a day and in developing solar water purification technology. James has aspirations of retiring and applying his time to scientific discovery and applying his skills to testing theories on creation.

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