The Legend of the Tickle Bugs

The Legend of the Tickle Bugs

Laughter is something that it taught. It's something built into the human experience and long before we walk or talk we smile and laugh.

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About the Book

Laughter is a wonderful gift. So wonderful that The Great Creator created special places on our bodies that make us laugh when touched. These spots are discovered shortly after birth. Long before a baby learns how to crawl or walk, she knows how to smile and laugh. It isn’t something that is taught—rather it is something that is discovered deep within. Somehow parents instinctively know how to reach these spots with strange faces, sounds, touch and words. This is a story about the creation of the phenomenon known as tickling that produces laughter.

Genre: Children
Publication Year: 2014
Length: 48 pages
ISBN: 9781497584112
List Price: $10.75
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About the Author
Tom Blubaugh

I have written non-fiction most of my adult life. Recently I wrote a historical fiction novel, Night of the Cossack, which was published by Bound by Faith Publishers. I am now writing a sequel. I am a retired but active senior and enjoy time with my wife, Barbara, and family (we have six children and fourteen grandchildren), writing, photography, Bocce Ball and horseshoes. I also like to travel, speak to students who wish to write and writing groups and clubs. Learn more at

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