The Gift of Second Changes; When Same Isn’t Enough: Seeking Freedom From Addiction

The Gift of Second Changes; When Same Isn’t Enough: Seeking Freedom From Addiction

This book could only have been written by an addict who has walked the walk through the labyrinth of addiction, recovery, relapse, the criminal justice system and the horrors and humiliation of prison. This book itself is a gift to any of us who want some understanding of the inner conflict and outer chaos that marks the life of an alcoholic.

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About the Book

Patty Steele’s painful and heartfelt story is a must read for all affected by alcoholism and addiction. Patty’s drinking began socially, and progressed into a powerful addiction gaining control of her adult world.

As an addict she drank to medicate the pain of life, desperately trying to numb feelings of shame and defeat. She was responsible for a car accident that took the life of another when she was forty-nine. Patty was sentenced to seven years in prison and eventually achieved recovery with the support of loved ones and friends.

Patty hopes by sharing her story, others will gain a deeper understanding and insight into the disease. A portion of the proceeds of her book is being donated to Addiction Treatment Services in Traverse City, Michigan.

Genre: Memoir
Publisher: Mission Point Press
Publication Year: 2019
Length: 278 pages
ISBN: 9781950659098
List Price: $18.95
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