River Runs Deep

River Runs Deep

Will new adventure keep Catherine Donahue stuck in the past, or will it be a second chance at love?

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About the Book

Artist and part-time grocery store employee, Catherine Donahue, is frustrated and disheartened after an unexpected change disrupts her already frazzled life. She had faith things would get better, yet now they seem to be worse. With emotions already heightened, she discovers a long-ago cherished gift hidden under the chaos of her once organized drawers, invoking a secret memory of a college, a powwow, and Sam – a young Mohawk, who made a single weekend last a lifetime. When Catherine acquires a commission to paint the cover of an author’s new historical romance novel, she’s drawn even deeper into the nostalgia of that captivating weekend. Will this new adventure keep her stuck in the past, or will it be a second chance at love?

Genres: Historic, Romance
Publication Year: 2017
Length: 126 pages
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About the Author
Marianne Coyne

Marianne Coyne is a licensed artist, an author, independent publisher, a published writer with Blue Mountain Arts, and an occasional public speaker. She finds immense joy in creating and affecting others in a positive way with her work. Marianne's unique ability to inspire and encourage others is admired and respected by many. Her latest romance novella, River Runs Deep, is now available on Amazon Kindle.

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