Rebel’s Son

Rebel’s Son

On the cusp of receiving his spurs and becoming a knight, Prince Shane, the heir apparent, learns he isn’t who he was raised to be. He embarks on a journey to discover the truth and retain the crown. But when his search digs up an evil that threatens his family, and his very soul, can Shane put things right? Can he earn redemption?

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About the Book

Crown Prince Shane is not living a noble life. In order to get him to live up to expectations, his father, the king, reveals the truth about Shane’s past. The information sends Shane searching for what he lost. What he finds is pure evil, and he ends up bringing it home inside the castle walls.

When the truth is revealed, Shane has lost everything. He flees in disgraces, get beaten, and left for dead in a pigpen. Marg finds him but doesn’t know his true identity. She nurses him back to health in hopes of earning a reward from the rich man’s family.

What they find in each other brings forgiveness, restoration, and new love.

Series: Changed Hearts Series, Book 2
Genre: Christian Fantasy
Publisher: Strong Tower Press
Publication Year: 2017
Length: 422
ISBN: 9781942320081
List Price: $12.99
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About the Author
Michelle Janene

Michelle Janene is the lover of fantasy and history. She weaves tales for the lonely and the unseen, proving that we are never really alone. God is always with us.
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