Free to Be

Free to Be

Through prayer, scripture and relationship with the Holy Spirit, you can overcome guilt, shame and fear to discover ALL God has created you to be.

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About the Book

FREE TO BE helps to prepare you for God’s Call. Through prayer, scripture and relationship with the Holy Spirit, you can overcome guilt, shame and fear to discover ALL God has created you to be. Experience Inner Healing. Discover Spiritual Freedom through Jesus, the power of GOD’s Holy Word and His Holy Spirit.FREE TO BE: Defeating Insecurity, Transforming Relationships, Building Character is written so you can discover yourself and all that God created you to be. FREE TO BE encourages authenticity in your relationships, and helps you to find your purpose and to live it out. It helps you toward the freedom God has given you to celebrate life the way God has intended – uniquely, unashamedly, and joyfully.Live happier and healthier both socially and emotionally, without fear, insecurity, or shame. FREE TO BE offers a challenge for change: to rethink your mindset and extend your faith beginning with a deeper revelation of God’s unconditional love.

Genre: Counseling & Recovery
Tag: Spiritual Growth
Publisher: Larus Press
Publication Year: 2013
Length: 210 pages
ISBN: 9781554527311
List Price: $17.95
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About the Author
Sarah Tun

Welcome to my world... from the inside out. I am a writer, it is true. But as are we all more than our careers, I am much more than a writer...
I am an analytical person, introspective, and use that in my creative flow to pinpoint motivation of character and theme of story.
I am an insightful person, proven repeatedly by my development and understanding of character, be they literary or historical.
I am a sincere person, which has manifested itself in the trust I’ve received from complete strangers.
I am a complicated person, moody, deep-thinking, and inconsistent in personality (but never in character).
I am a motivated person, always keen to get the lesson out of every experience, and to share it, whenever possible, with others.
I am a woman of several career experiences, which has eventually culminated in writing. I’ve been an author for 8 years, a writer for several more. Prior to that I was a performing artist, singer, teacher. I earned money in lean times or as a student (which is a subset of the former) through waitressing, selling wedding dresses, office administration and property management.
Most of all, I am a follower of Jesus/Yeshua.
My education is varied and always yielded top marks, for which I credit the character trait of perseverance. I have a Doctorate in Ministry for my life’s work in the study of the Bible and ministry toward others. I am an ordained pastor. I first began theological study through YWAM nearly thirty years ago. In the secular, I have two university degrees from Queen’s in Kingston, Canada, in Education and in the study of Drama. Not having exhausted my love and curiosity for the thespian tradition, I studied acting in NYC and London, graduating with an Acting Diploma, before earning a membership to British Actor’s Equity.
My main hobby is to enjoy cinema, and secondarily reading. I sing (though no longer professionally) to please the LORD, and I tend to enjoy it myself as well.
I’m happy, content with who I am for the most part, yet always seeking to grow and improve what I can, and trust GOD to deal with the rest.
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