Frances Darwin Investigates

Frances Darwin Investigates

The tail of a young investigator to find a dog's owner, and who dog-napped him, turns Frances' life upside down. She will find friends and truth along the way.

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About the Book

One day Francis Darwin finds a bit of torn paper on the ground. This excites Frances as she would love to be a detective. This bit of paper sends Frances on a ‘wild goose chase’ that leads her to find a stray dog called Bouncer. Finding out about Bouncer leads her onto to find his owner, who becomes a big part of Frances’s life. Before Frances knows it she has become involved in an investigation to find out who is dog-napping dogs in the local area. During her inquiries she meets and makes friends with the Randall children Tom and Cindy, who help her capture the dog-nappers. As well as this, Frances’s formidable Gran becomes friendly with Bouncer’s owner, and Mrs Marsh next door makes friends with Hannah Mortimer, a retired teacher. They both had dogs taken, and help with planning to foil the dog-nappers.

Genres: Children, Mystery
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781985227521
List Price: $10.50
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About the Author
Eileen Moynihan

Eileen, is a member of Longford Writers Group. She has short stories published in 3 anthologies and a chapter in the collaborative novella, "let Him Lie." Eileen has self-published 5 children's books. She was born in Essex, England and raised on the Isle of Wight. She came to Ireland in 1978 and currently lives in Co. Roscommon. Learn more at

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