Night of the Cossack

Book Cover: Night of the Cossack

by Tom Blubaugh

Night of the Cossack is a compelling historical fiction adventure about a teenager who is forced to grow up quickly. Nathan Hertzfield is kidnapped by a Cossack of the Russian Army. He faces many life or death situations during his saga. Join Nathan on his suspenseful coming of age journey through parts of Russia and Europe during the early 1900's. Don't miss this entertaining and intriguing story, Night of the Cossack. This is the homeschool version of Night of the Cossack that pre-teens and teens will love. Packed with adventure and new experiences with a 10-day lesson plan included. The lesson plan helps students to discover history, weather, math, and science from the early 1900s. Also included are moral dilemma questions for each day.


About the author

by Tom Blubaugh

I have written non-fiction most of my adult life. Recently I wrote a historical fiction novel,  Night of the Cossack, which was published by Bound by Faith Publishers. I am now writing a sequel. I am a retired but active senior and enjoy time with my wife, Barbara, and family (we have six children and fourteen grandchildren), writing, photography, Bocce Ball and horseshoes. I also like to travel, speak to students who wish to write and writing groups and clubs.

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